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Mitigação dos Efeitos da Cintilação Ionosférica no Posicionamento GPS



Two relevant scientific aims of the proposed ionospheric scintillation research, of direct interest to the GNSS community both in the UK and in Brazil, are: a) develop an ability to forecast the effects and b) devise a strategy to mitigate these effects on user positioning. This project will achieve this by: a) securing collaboration with Brazilian scientists and access to data in order to devise solutions that can be applied globally in the medium to long run (in a concerted effort with European partners such as the INGV) and b) furthering research already initiated jointly by the two groups, which can be greatly expanded in the 2 years time frame. This application also timely addresses the forthcoming Galileo full operation (~2010) and concurrent approach of the next solar high (~2011).



João Francisco Galera Monico

Paulo de Oliveira Camargo

Heloísa Alves da Silva

Haroldo Antonio Marques

Alan H. Dodson

Marcio H. O. Aquino



Royal Society